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Criminal Defense

Being charged with any offence can be a horrifying experience and the ability to contact your lawyer immediately can be life saving. We understand the decisions you make at that time are often made under pressure, which is why we recommend always talking to a lawyer as soon as possible.

Investigative Hearings

Investigative hearings are often a harrowing experience where the usual rules of law don’t apply. In other words, an accused person’s rights to silence are abrogated and you are essentially forced to answer questions. It is at this point your legal representation is paramount.

Disciplinary Proceedings

Many enterprises both private and government have some form of disciplinary procedure in the event a member contravenes a protocol. We hold extensive experience in such representations which require personal appearances or just simple advice.

Work Licences & Driving Offences

Certain traffic infringements may result in the loss of your licence which can place a tremendous strain on work and family commitments. Our specialist experience allows us to determine your eligibility for a restricted licence or special hardship order. Our experience also extends to drink driving representations.

Town Agency Appearances

Lawler Magill regularly appear as Town Agents for other firms outside of the Brisbane Courts area. Both intra- and inter-state law firms will often use our services because of our high levels of professionalism and knowledge of the Queensland court processes.

White Collar Crime

We are highly experienced at dealing with multiple agencies such as ASIC, the ACC and the QPS and are well versed in exactly how far they can go when questioning someone. A seemingly innocuous or harmless comment made during the course of the investigations can have dire ramifications and it is vital that you seek legal advice.

Coronial Hearings

Under circumstances where the death of a person comes under scrutiny a coronial hearing is ordered to investigate. This hearing is presided over by a Magistrate and witnesses and persons of interest are called to give evidence. It can often be a daunting experience where legal advice and support is a necessity.

Domestic Violence

Often domestic relationships can end on extremely acrimonious and negative terms. Other times one party may simply feel that they need protection from the other. Whatever the case, we have represented both the Aggrieved or Respondents in these matters on many occasions.

Other Areas of Expertise

Whilst we primarily specialise in Criminal Defence Law, Lawler Magill also has expertise and practices in many other areas of related legislation. This includes Peace and Good Behaviour Applications, Liquor Licensing Breaches and Taxation Offences just to name a few.

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