Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Lawyer in Brisbane

Often domestic relationships can end on extremely acrimonious and negative terms. Other times one party may simply feel that they need protection from the other. Whatever the case, we have represented both the Aggrieved or Respondents in these matters on many occasions. The standard rules of evidence do not apply to such a scenario and the relevant test of law is quite low. It is therefore essential, especially if you are a Respondent, to seek legal advice immediately from our lawyers to avoid the matter affecting you, your livelihood or your family. Call us on 07 3236 5656 today.

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Why You Need Expert Legal Representation for Domestic Violence

The standard rules of evidence do not apply to such a scenario, and the relevant test of law is quite low.

This makes seeking legal advice as soon as possible essential, especially if you are a respondent in the matter. We on your side, and we understand the day to day pressures that may contribute to any given situation.

Legislation for domestic violence also varies between states, so it’s important to work with legal experts who know how to proceed with your matter. With expert legal representation, you can put yourself in the best position to get the results you want.

Domestic violence and family violence are complicated matters, and the resolutions for each case will vary depending on the circumstances and the different factors involved. Without proper legal advice and representation, you risk getting a result that works against you.

How Lawler Magill Can Help You

As one of the top domestic violence lawyers in Brisbane, Lawler Magill can make sure that you get the legal guidance you need to proceed with your domestic or family violence matter.

Our team knows how such matters are processed in Queensland courts, and they can create the right strategy to help you achieve the best results in your case. Our lawyers can also provide the right advice to help you avoid unneeded penalties as your matter is being processed or heard in court.

We understand that domestic and family violence are serious matters, and we can provide the appropriate support, guidance, and knowledge to help you manage your case confidently.

Application for Domestic Violence Order or Managing One Against You

A Domestic Violence Order (DVO) is an official order from the court to stop acts or threats of domestic violence.

In Queensland, anyone who is in a ‘relevant relationship’ and experiences domestic violence can apply for a DVO. The party who applied for the DVO is referred to as the ‘aggrieved’ party, while the recipient of the DVO is referred to as the ‘respondent’.

If you are the one who has experienced domestic violence, we can help you apply for a DVO and provide representation as you take your matter to court. If you are the respondent in a DVO, we can provide guidance on how to proceed and face this order. No matter which side of a DVO matter you are in, we can help you get in the best position to move forward.

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