Other Areas of Expertise

Whilst we primarily specialise in Criminal Defence Law, Lawler Magill also has expertise and practices in many other areas of related legislation. Please see below for details.

Peace & Good Behaviour Application

Unfortunately not everybody can get along all of the time. This situation can be exacerbated when people are neighbours or otherwise in close proximity. This is where Peace and Good Behaviour applications can be very useful, especially where you or your property is being threatened.

We have acted on behalf of both Applicants and Defendants in the past, usually very successfully. We are aware of the intricacies of the law in this area including the rules of evidence, the standard of proof required, and just what must be shown to successfully proceed with such an application.

Our success stories include having an order made to protect an Applicant’s cat from a neighbour, as well as other items of property and the person themselves. Please contact our office if you require advice in this area.

Liquor Licensing Breaches

The legislation surrounding Liquor Licensing requirements is dense and complex. Lawler Magill have successfully represented people charged with breaches of this legislation in order to either disprove the charges or reduce the penalty as much as possible.

Breaching this legislation can lead to your livelihood being jeopardised so the right advice is essential.

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