White Collar Crime in Australia

White Collar Crime Lawyers

Nowadays we live in a corporate world where there are large amounts of money being passed from person to person, company to company and account to account.

This can unfortunately create a situation where someone allegedly misuses or misappropriates funds (white collar crime) which can draw the ire of multiple agencies including ASIC, the ACC and the QPS.

Our white collar crime lawyers are highly experienced at dealing with each of these organisations and are well versed in exactly how far they can go when questioning someone. A seemingly innocuous or harmless comment made during the course of the investigations can have dire ramifications and it is vital that you seek legal advice.

We have attended many hearings at ASIC, the ACC and the QPS, and have even attended bedside hearings for those who are too ill to move but not too ill to answer questions. Managing such situations can be very delicate and we know how to ensure that your personal needs and rights are respected.

There are a large number of corporate fraud files such as “ponzi schemes” that we are involved with on a daily basis, as well as offences ranging from stealing from your employer to massive frauds totalling tens of millions of dollars.

No matter the amounts of money involved you should always seek legal advice immediately and we are experts at providing it, so call us today.

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