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Most people at some time or another have had the unfortunate experience of receiving some type of traffic infringement. Sometimes these infringements come at more of a cost than just a fine.

Such infringements may result in the loss of your licence which can place a tremendous strain on work and family commitments. Our specialist experience allows us to determine your eligibility for a restricted licence or special hardship order. See below for more details. Such an application to the Court requires extensive preparations and the appropriate documentation, and we have an extremely high success rate for such licences.

Our experience also extends to drink driving representations in order to reduce the period of disqualification and the fine you are required to pay. Whether it is your first or your fifth drink drive, we would strongly recommend you seek advice as to the likely penalties involved. All too often someone facing a drink driving charge in Brisbane or elsewhere gets slapped with a far harsher penalty than they need to be, and if you are a repeat offender then jail terms become a possibility.

Work licence – Drink driving

If you are charged with a drink driving offence and require your licence for work, you may be eligible for a work licence. No matter the reading for a drink or drug drive there is a mandatory minimum period of time that the Court must disqualify you from holding a drivers licence. If you breach the disqualification you must receive a further 2 years disqualification.

Given this, a work licence is often a necessity for those who rely on their licence to earn their income. We can prepare the matter for you and appear on the work licence application day. We have an extremely high success rate and know exactly what has to be shown to the Magistrate and why.

If your offence involves a mid-range drink drive or above your licence may be suspended immediately. There are certain applications you can make to stay this suspension but strict time limits apply. You should call a member of our office immediately if this occurs.

Special Hardship Order – Demerit point accumulation

The level of enforcement for traffic offences in Queensland has reached new heights. The latest technology allows police to scan hundreds of number plates every minute and cross-reference that with registration status, licence status, and many other things. This means that people are being charged with more and more offences which carry demerit points as part of the penalty. If you accrue too many points you may lose your licence.

The loss of licence, similarly to above, can have massive impacts upon your life. You may be eligible to apply for a Special Hardship Order if the loss of your licence will cause severe financial impact upon you or your family, or if it will otherwise cause special hardship upon you or your family. This covers situations such as where you may be the carer of a disabled relative.

If you feel that this could cover your situation, please contact our office immediately.

If you need some professional advice and assistance in Queensland – or anywhere else in Australia.

General Traffic Infringements

As noted above there are more and more methods for the detection and enforcement of traffic offences in Queensland. However, like anything else, both the machines and people operating them are not infallible. Often you will feel a legitimate sense of grievance for such a situation and should come in and seek advice immediately.

Our office has had enormous success in the negotiation and resolution of such matters. Not only are we capable of taking the matter to trial and winning, but we also have a real rapport with many of the branches of the Queensland Police Service that deal with this area. Often a difference in alleged speed of a kilometre or two per hour can drastically effect someone’s licence status. We will do our best to negotiate such a scenario based on a wide variety of factors.

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